How Not to Start Own Business


In the previous post I advised to apply a critical thinking on stories of successful businessmen who just “started doing what they liked.” For illustration, I introduce a story this time. The story from my own life. If one has a vision, a clear business idea that he/she believes and that is preferably validated enough, […]

The Success Hard To Reproduce


One can find a lot of articles about people who started their own business on something that he/she enjoys and earned millions. Although the business goes into such “original” fields like brewery, cosmetics and the like. Besides an oversimplistic advice “do what you like” one is assured that beginnings are always hard and one must […]

MVP – Minimum Viable Product


In my previous post I was trying to offer insights into the lean methodology. But the process in startups does not end with validation of a problem and solution. Even if we have performed validation well at first, we can never be sure enough how precise our findings are and if every property and feature […]

Lean Startup – The Power of Validation


This post has been written, because I have not been able to find any reasonable on-line resource that would briefly and accurately describe what the lean startup is. I write this post on basis of my experience from TechPeaks. First, the lean startup is a startup that use lean methodology. The lean methodology is more […]

Where Techpeaks Is Heading To


Techpeaks itself is very innovative experiment among accelerators. It is the only long-term program accepting individuals. It leads individuals to form teams, succeed in pitching their projects and set up companies in Italy. The region of Trentino offers 25 000 € to every accepted project – not bad at all. Naturally, one may ask whether […]

Why this blog


In last years there is a big hype around startups in Europe. Startups are innovative companies with a big potential for growth (in fact, definitions of startup differ – e.g. Eric Ries, Paul Graham, …). In order to benefit from startups potential as much as possible and to protect startups from fading out early, there […]